Friday, June 13, 2003

My relationship with Nissa, which lasted over two and a half years, came to an end today. She broke up with me. We're still friendly through all of the hurt. I'll write more about this later. Believe me. I'm sure I'll go on at some length. Just thought I should at least put it out there. I guess.

No, I'm not taking it well. But I'll live.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I walked to the post office again this morning with forty dollars worth of books to send. Left at about ten and got back around eleven thirty.
I finished watching Chasing Amy. Okay, so I've been really into Kevin Smith's work for the past few months. I think he's brilliant. This is how I put it to Nissa. I said that Dogma was my favorite Kevin Smith film, but I think that Chasing Amy is by far his best film. I still haven't seen Mallrats, but I've heard it's the least of his films so far, so I'm not expecting it to change this position.
I went to visit grandpa. He was better this time. I mean, he still wasn't exactly coherant, but he was much more at ease. We sat at a table in the dining room and he ate the donut holes I brought him with a cup of coffee. We chatted about my father, my work, and so forth.
I made myself... Now first let me say that I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it, but I still haven't quite captured the portions concept. I either make too much and feel compelled to stuff myself instead of wasting it or too little and have to make more. Tonight was the former. I made rice with tofu, roasted garlic, and egg from cageless chickens along with a vegetable pot pie.
Bursting, I went to visit Charles and Phish. We went to the Macaroni Grill where I had a large cream desert on top of all of that. Cool thing was that our waiter was an old friend of mine from high school named Mark. He was the wizard in the Wizard of Oz. I was a munchkin and boy did my knees hurt. I hadn't seen dude for like ten years. He's the guy who turned me on to The Pogues. Anyway, we exchanged numbers to hang out soon.
Nissa's on her way. Tomorrow I clean up the wreck I've made of my parent's house while they've been on a cruise.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Reading: Bosie a biography of Lord Alfred Douglas by Douglas Murray
Watching: Chasing Amy
Listening To: Trey Anastasio at The Warfield 5-31-03
I've spent the last two days working at Sweetwater. Lob called me on Monday morning. Their shipping guy, who I trained back in January before starting up my book business, was no call no show. They thought he was probably in jail. Lob asked if I had any free time to come box up some water pipes.
So, that's what I did yesterday and today. I got paid today. It was a nice break from what I do with my business every day now.
Last night Nissa and I had a four hour argument/discussion about what's to become of our relationship when she moves to San Francisco (she hasn't got the job yet, but we're both fairly certain.) My vote is to stay together while she does her thing and I prepare to open my own used bookstore. When I get to that point, we move in together probably several months down the line.
She just isn't sure what she wants. She didn't make a decision, but we both put our cards out for the other to see. I wish these answers were clearer. Maybe they are and I'm just not seeing it.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Yesterday was interesting.
Niss and I got up and went to a Quaker meeting that I've been wanting to attend for a long time now. You know I was raised a Quaker but in a Progammed Quaker church. I always wanted to find an Unprogrammed Quaker church. I'll briefly describe the differences. There was the inevitable rift in the sect in the first half of the 1800s if memory serves. Nissa describes, quite aptly, that a Programmed Quaker service is just like a Presbyterian service. There's preaching, prayer, and a whole lot of hymns. The Unprogrammed meeting is a group of Quakers meeting in a room for an hour of silent worship. If somebody is called to speak (from God, not by the group) they speak. But there's no pastor. It's an hour of silent worship.
They seemed to have it together so much more than the Programmed churches I've been to. They were all so friendly. And I got so much more out of that worship service than I've ever got out of a Programmed one. Like I've said before, I've never felt God in a church before... Except St. Paul's in London where I broke down weeping at the majestic structure. But never in a church service.
Then we went to Nissa's parents to help her move boxes and get rid of things. Unfortunately for me it was mainly a day of her deciding what she was going to keep and what she was going to toss. I just hung around in case she needed to something moved. I did get to play with her dog. Her mom made us a nice dinner of sushi and Boca burgers.
We came home to wrap the enormous amount of orders I've accumulated over the weekend. Then we rushed out the door to see Frank Moore. We rushed out so quickly that we locked the house keys in the house. We figured they'd still be there when we got back and we drove to the show speculating on how best to break in my house later.
The show was awesome. I got to play floor toms. You know, Frank Moore is awesome to see live, a holy experience in one of those disturbingly intense pagan ways. But last night I learned that participating in a Frank Moore show is really where it's at. Lob called Nissa and I up at one of the peak parts of the jam and it was like being invited into a trance.
It was good to see Dr. Oblivious too.
We came home and Nissa climbed in our bathroom window.