Saturday, May 24, 2003

There was no sign of the crow today, which was strange to say the least. No feathers, no corpse, nothing. Maybe it got better and flew away. Let's hope so. Maybe Boingo devoured it whole. Maybe the other crows flew off with the remains to have a funeral pyre. I don't know.
My mother took me to the mall today. I don't go to the mall very often for a very good reason. Luckily, it's Memorial Day weekend and a good number of that reason were out of town. The mall was as empty as a weekday before school lets out.
We went to the movie store where momma gets points for buying things with her club card. The points get her gift ceritificates that serve to buy her more movies. She didn't find anything that she wanted and bestowed her largesse upon me. So, I got Phish's Bittersweet Motel DVD today. It's quite awesome. One of the best band documentaries I've ever seen.
At home I felt like taking a nap until I drank that bottle of Moxie. I don't drink caffiene as a rule. I used to drink a lot of caffiene and have raging insomnia. Now I drink none (save rare occasions like today) and have insomnia about once a month. Moxie's got some caffiene and some root that makes you cheerful (not Saint John's. Something called Gentian root.) So I spent the afternoon cleaning.
Tonight I went over to Nissa's. She made us salmon again as I finished sanding down a wooden spoon I've been working on for her to cook with. She's got a wonderful way of preparing salmon. I love her salmon.
Then we cleaned her room with a little more ugency than I cleaned mine. She's moving out in the next few days. We called Dr. Oblivious who we plan on staying with for a night or two while we're in San Francisco. He said that he was at the dock worker's strike a month or so ago and he was shot at. He said that the cops fired without provokation and used their motorcycles as battering rams on the crowd (luckily all of which was filmed by intrepid protesters.) The cool part was that workers from the mayors office were in the crowd observing without the police knowing it. So the mayor's people could and did vouch for the protestors and speak out against the Man. The uncool part was that a lady that Dr. O knew was shot in the face with a rubber bullet. She had a welt the size of a tennis ball, which all the papers ran a photo of. What the papers didn't say was that she was the one with a bullhorn. That's why the cops shot her in the face. They wanted to break her jaw.
It's always great to talk to Dr. O.
Tomorrow Nissa and I are going to Ren Faire. This is one of my favorite traditions. It's nurturing the inner geek. Huzzah! I plan on frittering away what I saved of my tax return on things like haggis and leather mugs and overpriced incense. Huzzah!

Friday, May 23, 2003

Not much during the day. Shipped books, read, laid in sun.
My parents took me to Red Lobster where we glutted ourselves. I had blackened catfish and fried shrimp. This after filling up on bread.
Nissa got emergency head shots today. She's got an audition in San Francisco on Tuesday and her old head shots are from when she had long hair. I'm unna go up with her, so I'll be gone from Monday thru Friday of next week.
She brought me Moxie from a store in LA. It's an old timey soda that I've wanted to try for a long time. She updated her resume for two hours on this very computer.
Right as she sat down to work on it, a calamitous din rose from our front yard. I went outside and a great gathering of crows were crying "Murder!"
Now, I know that Boingo didn't injure the one crow. The crow must have had the unbelievable misfortune to land wounded in the yard that contained Boingo. Boingo decided that the injured crow needed a mercy killing... Well, not really. He was playing with the crow, batting at it with his claw when I went out. Needless to say this made Boingo anathema in the black as sin eyes of the crows of our neighborhood. They were all diving and swooping at Boingo. His neck bell jingle-jangle-jingled as he scurried to avoid being pecked to death.
I watched for a minute or two and went back in the house. A few minutes later, the yells stopped and Boingo came to the door mewing, unscathed. I don't know where the remains of the crow are right now.
I also don't know what all of that meant. That seems like the sort of thing that means something, doesn't it?

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Not much tonight because I got in too late. It was quite a day though. Rest assured.
Niss made me a great dinner of salmon in soy sauce with peppers and onions, boiled spinach, corn on the cob and some kind of juice called guanabana or something like that.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

And, very quickly, I'd like to rail on the publishing industry for a moment. Today I began reading "The Letters of Abelard and Heloise." This is the second pre-1200 A.D. work I've read in the past two months. I know what that says about the current new releases in bookstores. At least as far as I'm concerned. Not interested at all at all.

I'd like to have one of those vanity bars on this blog where I could put what I'm reading, watching, and listening to right now.
Reading: Letters of Abelard and Heloise, along with the Book of Acts.
Watching: A Night At The Opera. I watch a little every night and Harpo Marx fills my dreams.
Listening to: A sailor's buttload of Grateful Dead concerts that Rob sent me for my birthday. I'm on 3/1/1969 right now, but will go to 12/31/1981 tomorrow. Little Plastic Castles is in the car stereo right now.
Boingo is adjusting to the bell around his neck. He laid around all day, but that might have been because it was hotter than the hinges of hell today.
I spent most of the day working, weeding the garden and reading. And getting sun while reading.
That's all. I don't care that it doesn't make interesting reading. After yesterday and the weekend before it, a nothing day like today was God's gift to me!

Oh, but I've got a recipe for anyone who's interested. I've perfected lunch. Get two slices of Milton's Whole Grain Bread. Cook up a Garden Burger in some sunflower oil or canola if you don't have sunflower. Get a nice, sharp cheese (or mild if you're into that kind of thing) and, after you turn the burger, put the cheese on the top to melt as you cook the other side. Meanwhile, put some ranch dressing on the Milton's. Throw that sandwich together. Get some matzo for the side instead of chips. Get a small bowl and mix berry jam with yogurt. To drink, mix 1/4 pomegranate juice with 3/4 cranberry juice. A healthy, hearty meal that tastes just awesome around mid-day. You're welcome.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The day picked up around one-thirty when Nissa showed up. We went to see the Matrix 2: Electric Boogaloo. Sure it was good fun in spite of the flaws. But this guy came in late and sat in front of us with two kids under 10. He started talking and talking and talking to the kids for like ten minutes. Nissa shushed him and he started talking louder. So I said, "Screw it, I'm gonna get the manager."
He said, "Yeah, you better get two managers. Why don't you get your daddy too?"
The Mathers rage built up behind my eyes. Those who know me know what I'm talking about. I'm Jimmy Stewart from Harvey most of the time until somebody gets me pissed and I go Berzerker. I've got that Hulk/Mr. Hyde gene. So does my brother. We used to be called the Sons of Thunder.
Anyway, when the guy said that, I had the urge and capacity and total ability (I could have taken him) to smash his teeth into a fine powder with my fists in front of his children. Instead, I walked out and told the manager.
The manager came in and talked to the guy and the guy didn't talk for the rest of the film. Remember that. That's important later.
As soon as "To Be Concluded" hit the screen, Nissa was up and speed walking with my arm in her hand. When we got out of the theater, I thought I heard the guy say something stupid loudly behind us.
In the past, this is one of those situations where I would have got violent very quickly. He pushed, and when people push, I used to pound them into jelly. Nissa was so proud of me. I was proud of myself. I didn't sink to the level of the bully. I didn't get into his movie. I stayed in our movie and did what I had to do to remove his influence from our movie.
AND, most importantly, The manager came in and talked to the guy and the guy didn't talk for the rest of the film. Which was all I wanted. So I won.

Afterwards, Nissa called the theater and thanked the manager for how he handled it.
Then, Niss and I talked about that guy and the guy down the street from me who has the dogs. I said, "I kind of feel sorry for that guy's kids, but who I really feel sorry for are the kids who have to be around that guy's kids. Because I knew those kids growing up. They made my life hell.
"There are all of these arrested adolescent bullies that never out grew it or were never stood up to running around. You see one about once a week. You encounter one about once every six months (unless you work with the public, in which case it's about once a week.) Is this an Orange County thing, an American thing, or a world wide thing?"
She said, "Exactly. It's OC, then America, and also the world. OC is kind of a vortex."
"Like San Francisco is a chaos vortex."

Tonight we got the bell for Boingo's collar. I felt so bad about it. He had a hard time adjusting. He wasn't mad at me either, which was worse. It seemed unnatural to me. But I guess it beats the other things we were thinking of to get him away from the birds.

Also, my brother called and told me that the sonogram (sp) tells them that they are having their first boy in October!

I guess that on paper it looks like a lollapalooza of a day. Actually, I stayed in good spirits for most of it. In spite of it all, we had a very good day. Goes to show that choosing the positive over the negative really can work.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Points of interest today:
1) sold and sent seven books today. That's my best day yet.
2) Nissa had a brilliant and simple plan to keep Boingo away from the birds in our back yard. A bell around his neck.
3) Talked to Rob for two hours (that's a two hour call to New York.) He invited me to come out in July, see two Phish shows with him and have a poetry reading.
4) I'm sleepy.
5) More tomorry.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

The day started strange and didn't really let up. I decided to go to church this morning without Nissa because she was having breakfast with her birth dad. I thought I'd go to the Brethren church, which I'd been before and really liked. But I couldn't find the times of their services. So I went to the Lutheran chuch down on Magnolia where I'd gone to pre-school but never went to one of their services.
I got there about five minutes early and everyone was lined up by the doors in the foyer. Some people were inside singing praise songs and I just assumed that they weren't letting us in until the song was over. Finally, they let us in and it wasn't until I was through the doors that I realized I was in line to receive communion.
"Okay, that's cool. I can do communion." I'd done it at my brother's church before with a bit of matzo and a thimble of grape juice. So, I get to the front and the lady mumbles something about "body of christ" and I take what looks like a round sheet of paper. The other lady mumbles something I don't even catch, although I know it's about blood, and she raises a chalice at me. I say, "I take a drink?"
She stared and me and I bent down and took a swig. It burned a little going down and I thought, "Holy crap! That was real wine! That's the first time in four years I've drank alcohol!"
I was hornswaggled by the church. When I quit drinking, I said that there would never be a reason for me to drink and nobody could ever force me to drink. Lutherans! They made me out a liar!
I left right after that because the vibe in that joint was so bizzare. I also realized that I'd come in, not at the beginning of the service, but at the end of the previous service. Then Nissa called and told me that I wasn't supposed to take communion if I hadn't taken First Communion (after I told her what happened. She didn't magically intuit that I'd taken communion and called to scold me.) I said, "I didn't know!"
"Well, it was just a faux pas."
"God doesn't have faux pases."
I had an epiphany were I realized just how religiously liberal I really am!

Nissa's graduation party was nice. Kind of uncomfortable, but nice. They had good food. I hung around with Kelley and Peter most of the time. They got a taste of what my life with Nissa's family is like. I feel poor and socially inferior a good deal of the time, which is freeing in some ways. It makes me feel okay about sopping up the pasta sause with my roll at dinner.
I was WAY underdressed, but I didn't care.
Dr. Dysia, a friend of the family's that I like to chat with at their parties, told me that he met Jerry Garcia on a plane once. Jerry sat next to him in first class and said, "Hi, I'm Jerry Garcia." Dr. Dysia said, "Hello, I'm Dr. Dysia." He had no idea who he was and they chatted about cancer for the flight. It wasn't until he got home and talked to his son about it that he found out who he'd been talking to.

I left early to go to Charles' and play drums with our band, the Ahmish, for a while. That was a good way to end the day. I banged the devil out of those drums.