Saturday, January 18, 2003

I just returned from the great, pre-emptive anti-war protest in Yorba Linda. My friends Phish, Charles and I went to the rally and peaceful march on the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace. I carried a sign that said, "Another Quaker for Peace." There was a very large turn out and a lot of support from people who drove by (along with a fair share of people who stuck their thumbs down at us like so many Neros as they drove by. My favorite was a rich, WASPy lady in a SUV who flipped us all off as she passed. Classy!)
I met some fellow Quakers there. There were some old school, Pete Seeger type Quakers as well as a few young, hippie Quakers. We seemed to be the one group who was claiming a religious affiliation. Food Not Bombs were there dressed like anarchists and actually having a really good drum team.
This was my first public protest. You know, I get a little down on myself for taking a life for a meal. I try and be mindful of such things. For me, and this is not to say that I want to enforce my opinions on anyone else, but for me, I am a will to live surrounded by other wills to live. Life and the promotion of life is good. The destruction of life is evil. Granted, nobody goes through life without destroying other lives, no matter how hard they try. This is my take on sin. This is what makes us imperfect. But to work as hard as one can to promote life while one has life is the pursuit of good.
The concept of killing other people is beyond me. Especially if it's for an abstract political reason. I mean, what gives anybody a right to tell people to go kill other people? Just because they're in a position of power they can make people go kill other people? It's barbaric! At one point I chanted, "War is archaic."
My favorite chant of the day came when we marched past a Baskin-Robins and Charles started chanting "I scream for Peace!"
On our way back, Phish talked about what we got out of this (besides, ideally, stopping a massacre) was a sense of focus that we haven't felt in a while.
Our friend Yod is printing up t-shirts that say "American Patriot since 9-11-2001" to wear around Orange County.
I've often felt alone. I often feel like the world is full of greed head knee jerks who would just as soon rip the flesh from my bones that shake my hand. Like I tell Nissa all the time, I try and keep positive always and to spread joy, but it's hard when you're awash in an ocean of negativity. Most days I get depressed over the state of the world.
Today I felt a strength I haven't felt in a long time. Today I didn't feel alone. I wish the same for all of you.

Friday, January 17, 2003

First blog posting.
Name: Reverend Paul Mathers
Age: 25
Job: Freelance used book dealer. Self proclaimed minister of the Church of Exstasis (Reverend credentials backed up by the Universal Life Church and Discordian Church).
Purpose: Share the love.
enjoy. More presently. Ta!