Sunday, December 28, 2003

Whoops. Life got a little ahead of the blog here. Time to play America's fastest growing game "Catch Up."
Friday I got up early to get my traffic school date and swear up and down that I'll never go more than five MPH over the speed limit again no matter how cool I think it'll make me. Then Nissa showed up and we went to the LACMA with Charles, Phish, Yod, and Jessica. Meeting us there were Opus and a girl I'd never met and don't remember her name, Lob and Muffin, and Sharon who I haven't seen in years. Probably since the last Instagon house party.
There were two buildings full of Tibetan Buddhist art or points of meditational focus. The first building had a big sand mandala. The second building had things that Nissa called Tonkas (sp?) which looked kind of like the little tapestries you'd buy in a head shop but instead of a blacklight sensitive Steal Your Face symbol printed on them there were images of Buddhas and concepts of enlightenment with many arms filled with things that meant something and standing on mice or other people and what not. All of which meant something in deep Buddhist esoterica that I'll probably die not knowing what it means. I've often thought it strange that a religious path so focused on clearing the mind and freedom from attachments has such baroque art. Honestly, I after the third room of it I got tired of them. I didn't know what they meant and I wasn't getting enlightened. So, Charles, Phish and I went to the contemporary art section on the second floor. That's my religious art.
And, you see, I looked at a Rothko and thought, "This puts me much more in a meditative space. This helps me clear my mind a lot more than those pictures of thousand armed gods on fire having tantic sex with arms full of cups, swords, and bells riding in on a discount alligator."
No disrespect meant. I'm just saying what it does for me.
There was a room with a recreation of a cluttered old garage which was installed by a fluxus artist. It reminds one how much our clutter tells about us (which I remember all the time while I'm going through dead people's stuff and taking their books.)
My high point of the day was this dog sculpture called Kaleidoscopic Dog (I think. I wish I'd paid closer attention to the card so I could google myself up an image of it now.) There was the upper half of a devilish dog laying on its back with its front legs in the air. Its hind turned into pipes like a steam caliope. Beneath it were wood xylophone plates with malets poised before them and a great gong behind it all. I looked at it and really wished I could touch the art. I really wanted to play it.
I went into the next room and a great, horrible noise came from the previous room. I ran back in and the dog was playing, wagging his legs and mouth and sputtering out a discordian tune through the magic of pneumatics. According to the guy who gets paid to stand in the room and tell you not to touch anything, it goes off once every 2 and 1/2 hours. I was in the right place at the right time.
On the way home I crashed and became grumpy. Three days of excitement, people, and little sleep caught up with me. I passed out in the recliner at home.
Yesterday I said goodbye to Nissa. We had dinner and chatted some. It was a good visit. I think we both got to see how much the other has grown and the parts that still need worked out.
Last night I went to Rob's big party. A big group of people I knew in high school were there and some people I didn't know in high school and therefore didn't talk to. Actually there was one or two people I hardly knew in high school that I had pretty good conversations with.
There was also a girl that I used to fool around with who is now married and very pregnant (yeah, I'm at that age.) Another girl I knew has $270,000 and is buying a house. She said, "but that's all my life's savings." She's two years younger than me. My life's savings is little over 1/270th of what she has. But I chose to deal books and she chose to deal other things.
I spent a lot of the evening moving from Rob to Jessica to Andy. Andy's trying to convince me to move up to Klamath Falls, Oregon and buy a house for less than the price my parents bought their Orange County house for in the sixties. Maybe I will.
I got home late and am fighting off a cough, so today I'm taking it easy. I've got another film review coming soon, so stay tuned in and dropped out.


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