Tuesday, December 09, 2003

This afternoon I got the fourth Lucifer collection from Comics Unlimited.
Tonight I went to Chas and Phish's and made the best chili in the state. Sinus problems then forced me home to where my tea is. Home is where the tea is.
When I arrived, I surprised Bizarro Boingo. Bizarro Boingo is a cat that looks kind of like my cat, Boingo, except with longer fur. Tonight Bizarro Boingo was after the left over cat food that was on the porch. I gave chase, but he eluded me.
Tomorrow I'm unna try and sleep in (I know. Every time I say that I'm going to sleep in or I'm going to let up on work I end up waking early and working even harder. Puritan work ethic.) Depending on where the day takes me, I may end up at the beach at some point to burn the fungus book. I'm serious. I don't want that thing infecting any other book anywhere. It's my civic duty. I'm against doing this type of thing to humans and animals, but I'll execute a book so that its fungus doesn't infect other books. End its reign of terror before its evil touches a book I love, like my sock monkeys book.


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