Monday, December 15, 2003

Strange day indeed.
The large amount of books that I got over the weekend was both valuable and frusterating. Frusterating because about one in three of the books were valuable. One third I can sell for a small amount of money and the third third I'm probably going to have to give away. It was frusterating because I couldn't see any reason why one obscure book on psychics from the fifties was worth a hundred dollars and the next one was worth poop. The pricing was a long slog today.
Then the washing machine quit working for good right before the part where it spins the water out of the washer. It was towels so I had to wring them all out by hand before I put them in the dryer, got to soak myself in grey water, and got to reflect on how technology is so easy to take for granted. Then I got to empty the rest of the water out with a cup and bucket.
After dinner I went to see Charles and Phish. I went over to show them one of the funniest book covers I've ever seen. It's on an old romance novel that I can't sell because several pages are missing. The back cover describes a pioneer man who orders a mail order bride, gets into a taming of the shrew type of situation and beats his wife into submission. In so many words.
The front cover shows a tank of a man with his shirt off and a pioneer woman behind him looking swoony with lips pursed in appreciation. It's the kind of thing that's kind of hard for me to believe was meant to be taken seriously at some point.
Tomorrow I'm most likely doing some shopping and putting up the rest of the books.


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