Thursday, December 18, 2003

Still my blogs back up like Augustus Gloop. Tremendous amounts of pressure being generated. Meanwhile I increasingly feel like I'm writing to myself.
But I wanted to say that the last in my Scorsese series might take a little while longer than I'd said before. The film I'm working on right now I'm enjoying WAY too much. And Scorsese got bumped again because I decided that pre-Christmas I'm going to pick one of my top fifteen favorite films to review. I'm thinking Brazil or Death to Smoochy or City Lights or 2001 or Chimes at Midnight or maybe, just maybe, The Hudsucker Proxy. We'll see. I'm not sure yet. Then there'll probably be a few films I'm given for Christmas to review. Older and wiser I know not to set dates for these things.

Now, off with you, blog post. And bring your aging relatives into publication while you're at it


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