Thursday, December 25, 2003

I'll be brief because tomorrow I've got a day at the LACMA and possibly right into a poker night. And I'm already exhausted from the past two days.
This morning I spent with my folks. We opened presents. Some of the loot highlights are an Alton Brown cookbook, the special edition DVD of Fear and Loathing, the two disc Neverwhere DVD, the extended Two Towers, a five DVD set of documentaries on the Marx Brothers, a digeridoo dance band from europe type of cd, Tori Amos' new cd with the bonus DVD, lots of european chocolate bars, a folk cd, a Dr. John cd, a celtic folk cd, and two really interesting looking teas (one from australia and one from the meditarranean. And sorry I'm not spell checking tonight). And two jams, one is Loganberry which I know I like and one is rhubarb apricot which I'm a little nervous about.
Then I went to my loopy grandmother's. Nuff said.
Then my folks and I decided to go see LOTR:ROTK. I won't go into that right now either because I could go on for a while. Maybe some other day. I'm going to try and get an early night's sleep here.


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