Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Shopping day. I figured I worked a good long time on Saturday so I'd finish up shopping today. I won't go into Christmas gifts bought since I dunno who all reads this thing. For myself I bought a pair of hemp pants (because I need new pants), a Scary Godmother comic, and some Maakies coasters. Way more money than I've spent on myself in months. Probably since I bought the Sock Monkeys book.
Then I came home and pulled up a good deal of the grass that's been growing in the garden.
Went and hung out with Charles, Phish, Yod and Jessica tonight. We sat around listening to more records and laughing.
That's all. Tomorrow the rest of the books go online. I have to take two movies back to the library. One I didn't get around to watching. The other I got about twelve minutes into and realized that there was another hour and a half of that crap to come. I knew how to fix that. Turned it right off, I did.


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