Friday, December 05, 2003

Not much to report tonight because it's late.
I got a nice haul of books today. Spent most of the day with Chas and Phish, inputting the haul of books over at their place because this computer had a bit of a cold.
Tomorrow I'm going to a woman's spirit fair. I don't think it matters that I'm male. Phish and Jessica invited me and, along with the fact that it's sure it be an interesting experience where I meet interesting people, I hear that there's to be a really good tie dye vendor there.
The other news of the day is that Neil Gaiman is going to sign my sock monkeys book. The company that I bought my sock monkeys book were supposed to have signed copies available and they missed that when shipping (Being in the book shipping business myself I can totally understand how these things happen around this time of year.) So they said I should send it back and they'd have Mr. Gaiman sign it for me. Whee!


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