Friday, December 19, 2003

Let's see. Worked the first half of the day. Only two books went out so maybe people are finishing up their holiday orders. Then I put the rest of last weekends book and the books I got from the library the other day online.
I took a break to get a haircut. The cheap place at the college was closed. Charles suggested a place up by him. But then my mother said that I could get a coupon for a cheap haircut at a place called Mt. Zion Barber. I liked the name, so I gave it a shot. The place was empty except for a very old man with a handlebar mustache walking around with an oxygen tank. I don't make these things up.
The guy cut the top part of my hair shorter so it just barely touches the top of my glasses. I think it's cute. I gave the guy a five dollar tip and he smiled as though I'd made his day.
Oh, and in other news, Phish has a possible replacement glass for my blender.


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