Sunday, December 14, 2003

Last night I had fun. But I have to go back to explain it.
Sometimes I work on the sabbath, but it's okay. I refer you to Galatians 5:4 which says, "...whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace." Not wanting to fall from grace, I work a little on the sabbath if something big enough comes my way.
Sometimes I get called into a retirement home to get books when they need to clean out a room. I was picking out the books I could use when we ran across a stack of records.
"Oh, you can have those too if you'd like."
I took them with my friend Charles in mind. Charles has a large collection of swing era champagne music on vinyl. Then we went into the basement where the residents of the retirement home have their storage areas, which are cages that look almost like kennels at the pound about five feet square and eight feet high. The room is all concrete and dust rules the day. I found a few more books down there and hundreds of 45s. Paper sacks that might have been as old as I holding stacks upon stacks of those small records. It was a major discovery. I love moments like that, and in my line I get quite a few of them, when I stumble upon bits of history.
So, last night I took the records to Charles. I kept the ten or so barbershop records in the lot and let Charles at the rest. Late into the night, Charles, Phish and I sat going through them and putting on the strange and beautiful finds. And there were some strange ones. I didn't know about The Harmonicats before. I hadn't heard Perry Como's rock and roll efforts before. I'd never heard The Mulcays and Their Electric Harmonicas. Nor James Melton's version of Brazil.
Today's the artist salon again. I'm going to tell a story.


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