Saturday, December 20, 2003

I've got a new film review to put out, but it was such an intense day that I feel like I should write on that tonight. I woke up and went to help my mother finish her Christmas shopping. At first it was fine. We went to the mall and got our pictures taken with Santa. Westminster Mall has the best Santa ever. I stood in line and watched him whisper to a four month old blessings that only Santa and the four month old know. Mom got a little weepy because she remembered that this would be Jonathan's first Christmas. Santa was very happy to speak with us. We got our picture with him and then he asked us each what we wanted for Christmas.
I told him that I wanted my family to be together and joyful. I should have told him I want a girlfriend.
We went to the video store and I got to watch the crowds slowly grow like the time in Oregon when I watched the Willamete river flood slowly and crest to take out a few houses.
Then to Home Depot and then Art Supply Warehouse where I got a silver pen for writing on the black stationary I got the other day. Mom got some craft sets for Pat's daughters.
Sandwiches for lunch and on to the major corporate record store where it was packed to the gills and became more packed the longer we stayed.
At home I got a call from Nissa. She said she might be able to see me once or possibly twice while she's out here.
I got a call from Pat who mainly let his daughters talk.
Mom and I had dinner and watched Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas.
Then I got a call from Rob and Jessica just in from New York. They said that they want to see so much of me that they're sick of me by the time they leave. We went out for tea and orange juice and chatted for a few hours.
The first half of the day usually happens to me at least once a year and I'm thankful for it. It reminds me that there are people who get totally lost about what the holidays are about and other people who really don't care what the holidays are about and their selfish and brutal behavior gets magnified all the more. After I see that for a day it helps me to enjoy and get the most out of my holiday. But that one day like that does tend to wear me out. Worn out I am.
Now I'm home and it's raining too, so I had to bring in my mint leaves that I had out to dry. I also got some tarragon to put into the tea bags with the mint.


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