Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I woke up and put books online. Charles gave me a sailor's buttload of books and this morning I finished up putting them online. They're worth a large amount of money. Charles is a man of distinguished taste.
Tuesdays are often the days when I take a little time in the afternoon to go out into the daylight. Today I went to the mall to try and find a calendar. I was looking for the Phish calendar, barring that the Dead calendar, barring that the Sandman calendar. I failed at all three. They had lots of calendars of cute puppies, women wrapped in small amounts of fabric on beaches, mountains with motivational slogans beneath them, cable television cartoon characters, dead racecar drivers, and many other things I wouldn't think of putting on my wall. So now I wait until I run across a good calendar and pounce.
Stopped at the comic book store and got torn between continuing my growing collection of Jill Thompson's fabulous Scary Godmother series or the re-release of Neil Gaiman's Violent Cases. Gaiman trumps Thompson and I finally succeeded in pumping a small amount of money into the local economy today.
I went to see Charles and help him move heavy pieces of furniture. In return he gave me another large box of books. One of those books I'm selling for $115. It's a book on Vito Genovese by a cat named Hanna. So if you're looking for an ultra-rare book on Vito Genovese for the mafia afficionado in your life, drop a line to the address at the top of this page.
I came home and made cod with rice and beans and lots of hot sauce. Hot sauce on the rice. You can't improve upon good cod. And the Cod was great. Cod was good. Let us thank Cod for our food.
Then after a nice peppermint tea I went back to watch Charles and Phish go through old cds. We found a mix cd I made for Charles around three or four years ago when I was just getting into Nick Cave. We listened to that for a while. Then we fell across an advertisement for a very strange looking band called Polyphonic Spree. So tomorrow I'm going to blow all my calendar money on the Polyphonic Spree album. Then I'll most likely stop consuming for a while again and go back to putting books online.


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