Sunday, December 14, 2003

I suppose I should comment on the big world news on the day.
At least Jon didn't win. I wanted Rupert to win, but it's okay that Sandra took it. But I expect to be the first Survivor to win without lying. Lying is against my religion. As a Quaker, my word is supposed to be my bond. So I figure that's a good angle to get in with.

But seriously, there's the big news of the day. When I woke up this morning, the news was on and they were showing that image from the medical examination and the first thing that went through my head was, "why is Tennyson in the news?"
Honestly, this changes nothing for me. I still think we shouldn't have gone to war. As a Quaker I expect to think that about every war for the rest of my life. I even feel like that about the so-called "just wars" like WWII. I also still feel that this wasn't even a just war. It was load of money making politicing crap that got way too many people killed.
I didn't feel like celebrating when I heard the news this morning. I felt no great sense of relief. Surprise, sure, but no relief. I'm still going to be a guy who lives in a beach city and sells books. Changes nothing.

Today was the second OC artist salon. I told my story and it went over really well even though I accidentally called the Devil "Lucifer" once (jinxed myself the other day), I forgot a really nice simile that I'd cooked up before, and I had more "Umms" than I wanted. But it was a good story and it went well.
Yod played a really cool jamming session before the salon that went on for about forty minutes. It was nice to lay on the yoga studio floor listening to his guitar and the rain on the aluminum roof.
There was a singer, a sound sculpture by Lob, Jessica had us think up names for a painting, Phish did her artist name tag thing which I can't remember the name of now, Charles explained and demonstrated the Fraud machine, Paul Coulton gave us a folk story in sign language, and Barbara Ardinger read a story that was kind of like an essay too but more like a story. It went really well again. It's a great meeting. Everyone should get involved.


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