Thursday, December 18, 2003

Blogger had a problem last night with a message that I wrote in memory of my blender. So I apologize in advance if this posting causes thirty copies of last night's post to magically appear.
I'm taking it easy the rest of the afternoon. I shipped another giant stack. I don't know when the post Christmas shopping lull is going to set in and I may be nostalgic for these days in about two weeks. But I have to say that I really wonder about the people who are buying such large amounts of items to be shipped this close to any holiday. This is Hannukah eve. We've got five days of postal service until Christmas. Solstice is Monday. The books I shipped this morning have the potential to arrive in time for Christmas, but I wouldn't say it's likely. I know I get paid just the same, but guess I care about my books and who they're going to.
After shipping I walked to the library and filled my backpack with books, which I then paid for and walked back home. Tomorrow I'm supposed to wait here until they drop off the new washing machine, so I figured I'd give myself something to do while I wait. So no more inventory work today. Now I do the drudgery work, the Cinderella stuff, the cleaning and mending and potato peeling. Actually I'm clearing out the grass from the garden to plant some winter flowers and I'm going to go dry some peppermint leaves from my garden so I can make tea out of it.


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