Sunday, November 23, 2003

Today I went with Charles and Jessica to see older Paul in Long Beach. The original plan was for Phish and Yod to go talk politics with Paul. Both of them became otherwise engaged and sent their significant others in their stead. I drove. We talked about the political system as it stands, the wide spread misuse of political labels (for example, most modern "conservatives" are really either extreme nationalists or fascists. This is true, but because of the totally negative connotations given to the term fascist in our current climate, they call themselves conservatives. A fascist is not only one who is for dictatorship or oligarchy, but also and mainly those who are for the government owings its existance to private corporations. Likewise, most lefties are either liberals, social democrats, or socialists. But socialism or anything that hints at communism has a very negative connotation as well. At least for our parents' generation. This might die with them. I should also state here that while I might be looking like I have it all together on this subject I'm actually speaking from detailed notes from Paul.)
We also talked in detail on the media. We talked all afternoon.
We went back to Charles and Phish's and all went out for Mongolian barbeque. Before I left Phish gave me some ginger root so I finally have all the ingredients nessicary to make the Slippery Elm tea recipe I've been wanting to make. My sinuses have been wanting me to make it too.


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