Wednesday, November 19, 2003

It was another one of those days where I catch up on work and laundry around home. It was also another one of those days where I just seem to be angry all day about stupid little things and things that I'm allowing myself to dwell on.
Anyway I got a lot of books inputted.

Many years ago, back in high school, I had a best friend named Ben. I tell you this because he had a certain way of sneezing. He would hold his nose closed with his hands and let it all come out his mouth. Now, growing up I used to sneeze out my nose and have goo go everywhere. I know how disgusting this is getting, but I'm getting to the point and I need this exposition.
So, I started to retrain myself to sneeze like Ben. I found that, after many years of this, when I sneeze I end up sneezing over and over for about fifteen minutes. Nissa told me that was because I wasn't sneezing correctly. So, I've been trying to sneeze like a normal person for many moons, but it'd get caught somewhere in my sinuses. I mean, I was getting better at it, but still hadn't quite relearned it.
Tonight, I don't know if it was because I needed a catharsis or the Santa Ana winds starting, but it all came out me nose. Twas a mighty sneeze. At first it felt like somebody had socked me in the nose from the inside. Then came the blood.
But it all felt really good and really releasing. And for some reason I wasn't angry anymore after that. Like all the frusterations of the recent past flowed out with the post nasal drip. It was awesome.

Tonight I went out and wrote two new poems. I'm also piecing together what I'm doing for the artist's salon on December 14th.


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