Saturday, November 15, 2003

I indulged myself in another twenty minutes of extra sleep this sabbath morning. I think the mishap with my alarm clock planted the idea in my head and I wanted to recreate the experience.
In the shower I sang Sondheim tunes, realizing that I don't sing nearly as much as I used to. I used to sing all the time and I loved it. I was happy when I was singing. But then I was told some things about my singing that made me self concious and I stopped doing it as often, even when I was alone, until I gradually quit singing in general.
There's another thing I love that puts me in a special category of freak. I love to wash dishes when I'm home alone. Coupling these two and thinking about Zero Mostel for the past few days (the Forum review is coming soon) I dug out my old Fiddler on the Roof tape and sang while I washed and dried the dishes. It was a five star morning. Maybe I'm a simple man, but that really was a good time for me.
I went out and got Charles' Christmas present. My goal is always, always too be finished with my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. Then, because I think it's important to expose myself to such things, I usually make a trip to South Coast Plaza the week before Christmas and observe. Every year I have a problem getting people to do that with me.
My mother stopped by just after having been at a work retreat in San Diego for the past few days. She has a card for a DVD store in which she accrues points with each purchase she makes. So, she got herself Finding Nemo, my brother's wife Anne of Green Gables, and me, as a gift for going along with her, the collection of Weird Al videos. Then we went out for Thai food.
Tomorrow is the Van Nuys art salon that Jason puts on. A group of us are carpooling up there.


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