Saturday, April 12, 2003

I'm getting over another weather change cold. I don't understand it. Those who know me know that I hardly ever get sick. I mean, if I'm sick once in a year, it was a rough year for me. Now I had the flu last fall, the stomach flu two weeks ago, and a cold now. What does this portend?
It started in my throat and it's all in my nose now. Which beats the alternative. Better it goes up into my nose than down into my lungs.
Shaw said that convalescence is the only good thing about illness.
The last two days I've been laying in bed, drinking hot lemon juice with fresh picked peppermint leaves in it, gargling with hot salt water and peroxide (separately, natch), and taking echinacea and vitamin C thrice daily. This seems to have worked. By my nasal barometer, I expect that tomorrow I'll be weak with a slight stuffy nose, but no longer sick enough to stay in bed.

In other news, I finished Beowulf. I highly recommend the recent Seamus Heaney translation. I'd been told all of my life how dense a poem that is to get through. So a few days ago I thought, "I've read both parts of Faust for pleasure, I can tackle anything."
I actually found it a quick read and an engaging story. Usually anything written before people bathed regularly tends to be a rough slog to read.
This sets the standards on what a translation should be. Heaney has spoiled me. If I pick up a poor translation now, it shall only be to chuck it into the fireplace... or to sell it!
I was further pleased to read something with a set reality structure and codes of conduct expected for all people. I think my reading often goes too far down the relativistic road and a good heraldry tale is like a cold beer on a hot night.

Also, Nissa got her hair cut short for her play today. I went along to watch the shearing. Originally she was going to have her head shaved and we were going to have a head shaving party where we chop off her hair and bear her on our shoulders as a new pagan goddess. But the character's costume design has since changed from a monk to more of a businessman. Her hair is very short now, like a man or a stereotype of a lesbian. It looks really cute on her. It accentuates her elfish quality.


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