Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I had another mood swing this evening. It came when Nissa called our bear friends so that we could go visit them (that's two super-sized gay men for those out of the lingo loop.)
But the bluebird of crappiness sat on my windowsill all day today. I had to wait for people and I didn't get done what I wanted to and I had to listen to the awful, moronic evening news during dinner and then drive to Niss's in traffic and our plans to get her headshot pictures got cancelled. So I laid into her with a bunch of negativity, which later lead to much discussion and apologies on both sides.
Later I told her that I sometimes worried about my mood swings, going back to the "thinking I'm insane" way of paralysis that I've been using for many years. Then I thought about it for a minute and said, "Yeah, but worry in one hand and crap in the other and see in which one something happens."
I leave you all with that glowing wisdom this evening.


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